Is The Algae In The Dogs Water Bowl Toxic?

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Blue green 23 may 2008 this bucket has a bad habit of having algae grow in the bottom during day. Slime in dog water bowl dogs naturally magazine. They can produce toxins (such as microcystins and anatoxins) that affect people, livestock pets swim in drink from the algae contaminated water. Just keep if you are putting the bowls in complete shade, it has to be something coliforniya h2o 4 sep 2015 biofilms can contain just one bacteria species but usually many, along with other microorganisms. The algae may produce toxins that are harmful to pets (and people). Does anyone know whether algae affects the quality of water and if it is 6 aug 2014 over months, accumulated rain. They exist in shallow, stagnate pools that have very low oxygen content. Blue green algae a deadly danger for dogs pet health network. The more frequently the water is 22 jul 2011 … Read More

Can Pets Get The Placebo Effect (why your pets treatment might not be working)

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If you’ve ever wondered can pets get the placebo effect then in this video I will discuss what the placebo effect is and if it can explain why some treatments might appear to work when in fact they may be doing little for our dogs and cats.

The placebo effect is a beneficial effect produced by a substance which can’t be a result of the substance itself. The effect is in fact a result of the patients belief that the treatment is working. Our dogs and cats can’t know or think this so is the placebo effect in pets a real thing?

The answer is actually a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. While a pet may not believe in any treatment or understand why something is being given, we will. This means that we can actually experience something known as caregiver placebo or placebo by proxy.… Read More

Nova Pets Health Center | Veterinary Services in Chantilly

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At Nova Pets Health Center, the health and safety of all pets is our number one priority. Our pets bring us an abundance of joy and love, so in return, we believe that they deserve top quality care and treatment. We ensure medical excellence as we serve the people and pets across Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. At Nova Pets Health Center, we understand that each pet has unique needs. We take the time to develop meaningful bonds with you and your pets and work with wellness plans that cater to your pets individual needs. We offer four services under one roof: Veterinary care, doggie day camp, grooming and boarding for all pets. If you’re looking for caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff to take care of your furry loved ones, Nova Pets Health Center is the place to go! Give us a call or find us online at … Read More

~Meet my Pets~

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