Blade & Soul NA: Pet Guide

Here is an overview of the new pets and how the pet system works.

Blue Pets
– Summon time 20 hours
– Lvl 50 to equip
– Not tradeable or upgradeable

Purple Pets
– Summon time 40 hours
– Lvl 50 to equip
– Tradeable and can be upgraded
– Binds on equip

Purple pets can be upgraded to a maximum of Stage 10. Stage 6 and onward provides defense stats.

Sogun’s Lament 6/4 man drops the Ghost and Griffin Pet.
Cold Storage drops the Pink Penguin.

Sundered Nexus 6/4 man drops the Blue Penguin

Heaven’s Mandate drops the Black Penguin.

Griffon and Lycan dungeon drop is currently unknown.

Stage and stats here:

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