The Birth of Love Pets

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There are also other issues to take. Hamsters are normally fairly wholesome animals however like several dwelling being they can get sick. You could must take your hamster to a veterinarian and also you have to be ready to pay for the potential invoice. A hamster solely lives round 3 years so having to break up with it is a certainty at some point in the near future. This is not like a dog which can reside as much as 15 years old. They don’t seem to be wherever near expensive however it might still be a shock for a child who could have grown hooked up to the animal.

Professionals for Cats: Cats, regardless of their supposed subtle demeanor, are captivated by the simplest of things. For those who’ve raised a kitten before, the very first thing that stands out is their capability to entertain themselves with absolutely anything. … Read More

Stichting Pets Food Care

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Een dierenvoedselbank, een vreemd begrip voor velen, maar een onschatbare waarde voor sommigen.

Priscilla De Veth, oprichtster van Stichting Pets Food Care en haar klanten vertellen het verhaal van de dierenvoedselbank in Sint Willebrord, en hoe belangrijk het is.

Interviewer en geedit door Nick Brouwer
Camera door Youp Kruithof

Muziek: Ben Sound – November

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