Cat Hair Salon Birthday Party – Play Fun Pet Kitten Care & Hair Salon Makeover Games For Kids

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Cats and kittens love birthday parties, cakes and songs. Run your own Cat Hair Salon, style the cutest kittens and help your fluffy friends look the best!

Play the best kitten care and hair salon games for girls and boys and get ready for new furry adventures! Help five soft and fluffy kitty cat friends prepare for a birthday celebration. Wash, cut, curl and color cats’ hair and fur. Design the most beautiful outfits and add stylish accessories for the purrfect look. Free your imagination and build a cat of your dreams with a magic machine. Join the kittens, sing, eat the cake and have fun at the kitty birthday party. Open the gifts and find more games and surprises for kids!

Kids’ favorite animal care games for girls and boys who love cats:
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How to Choose the Best Dog Foods with Allergies

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Most dogs suffer from allergies, especially in the spring. This season is the start of allergies. These allergies may be caused by many different things. However, allergies in dogs are also as serious as they in dogs. We are here today to help you learn about how to choose the best dog foods that suffer from allergies.

Dog Food

Causes of Allergies in Dogs

This problem is actually an immune response of your pet to a particular substance. Once your dog recognizes any particular substance, his immune system will fight it by kicking in. Your dog may suffer from inhaled and ingested allergies. Once your pet gets allergies, they may have to face many problems related to his digestive tract, skin, or respiratory system. There are some common symptoms of dog allergies such as inflamed skin, areas of moist skin, increased scratching because of itchy skin, sneezing, vomiting, inflammation of the ears, … Read More

Gift ideas for your pet: Best Gifts for Cats and Dogs (to spoil your pet in 2019)

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Gifts for cats & Dogs: Best Gifts for Cats and Dogs

✅1 Furbo Dog Camera ✔️ Treat-tossing Pet Camera
✅2 Link Akc ✔️ Smart Collar
✅3 Omega Paw ✔️ Self-cleaning Litter Box
✅4 Barkbath✔️ Bathing Your Dog
✅5 Outward Hound Dawson ✔️ Dog Life Jacket
✅6 Petsafe ✔️ Automatic Cheese Cat Toy Https://Amzn.To/2flobsg
✅7 Etnet Smartfeeder, Automatic Pet Feeder ✔️
✅8 Ifetch Too✔️ Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs
✅9 Modkat ✔️ Litter Box Https://Amzn.To/2okwrsa
✅10 Mr Peanut’s ✔️ Airline Approved Carrier

Gifts for cats & Dogs: Best Gifts for Cats and Dogs (to spoil your pet in 2019)


Gifts for cats & Dogs: Best Gifts for Cats and Dogs (to spoil your pet in 2019)

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ADOPT VS SHOP | How I Got My Hamsters

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In this video I tell you how I got my hamsters and how I ended up with two, one of which was brought from a pet store and the other was adopted. Even though it wasn’t my original intention get two hamsters I don’t regret it.

Watching back the video I noticed when talking about picking up Pat I used the word “bought” although I did not pay the pet store for him I did make a donation to Support Adoption for Pets in exchange for Pat and this is what I meant. I also realise I did get the name of the charity slightly wrong, it is Support Adoption For Pets not animals which I said a couple of times in the video.

For more information on Support Adoption For Pets here is the link to their website

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