Adoptable Small Animals – Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, San Diego CA 11/2010

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A sample of adoptable guinea pigs available here in San Diego,CA, at Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption.

Wee Companions Small Animal Adoption, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in San Diego, CA. We are volunteers devoted to the rescue, care, and adoption of small animals.

If you have questions about your pets health, you can find useful information at:

If your pet is injured or sick, please contact your local veterinarian immediately.

We do appreciate your interest in our YouTube site. But due to limited volunteer staff, we’re unable to respond to your questions here at YouTube.

Be sure and visit our web site,

to view adoptable small animals, and to learn about upcoming animal adoption events in and around San Diego, CA.
Adoptable animals can also be viewed at :

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