Aplikasi Pets.id

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Telah hadir aplikasi terlengkap & termodern untuk para pecinta hewan.

atau pengguna apple bisa di download di Itune store

Pets.id mempunyai visi untuk menghubungkan para pecinta hewan & penyedia jasa (kebutuhan hewan) di dalam satu aplikasi yang mudah untuk digunakan. Di sini kamu bisa menemukan barang-barang kebutuhan hewan kesayanganmu, mulai dari makanan, vitamin, shampoo sampai aksesoris. Selain itu juga akan tersedia online booking system untuk salon, hotel, klinik, taxi, dan pengasuh hewan; streaming video konsultasi dengan dokter hewan; jasa adopsi hewan dan masih banyak lagi. Pets. id – We got everything under one woof!


• Pets Goodies: Belanja barang kebutuhan hewan kesayangan kamu tanpa harus meninggalkan tempat duduk. Pengiriman kilat tersedia di wilayah Jabodetabek. Dapatkan segala kebutuhanmu di dalam satu aplikasi mulai dari makanan, snack, aksesoris, vitamin, sampai kandang hewan. Nantikan juga official merchandise dari pets.id di waktu yang akan datang!

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9 Tips for Renting with Pets

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Hello everyone and welcome back, I’m Alex Diaz with Vistalegre rentals and today we are going to cover

Top 9 tips for renting with pets

Millions of us rent and millions of us are pet owners. But the two aren’t always compatible.

If you’re one of those renting pet owners, here’s some tips to help you find a friendly property and negotiate with your property manager about any additional furry tenants.

1. Ask!
Many people don’t take this obvious step, particularly if a property isn’t listed as pets allowed. Insights from our 2017 Tenants report revealed that those tenants who ask, and are prepared to make an extra effort, are more likely to get a favourable outcome. So don’t be discouraged – and ask the question (just remember to respect the answer).

2. Offer more rent
Tenants offering more rent to cover furry roommates found that landlords and property managers … Read More

Is The Algae In The Dogs Water Bowl Toxic?

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Blue green 23 may 2008 this bucket has a bad habit of having algae grow in the bottom during day. Slime in dog water bowl dogs naturally magazine. They can produce toxins (such as microcystins and anatoxins) that affect people, livestock pets swim in drink from the algae contaminated water. Just keep if you are putting the bowls in complete shade, it has to be something coliforniya h2o 4 sep 2015 biofilms can contain just one bacteria species but usually many, along with other microorganisms. The algae may produce toxins that are harmful to pets (and people). Does anyone know whether algae affects the quality of water and if it is 6 aug 2014 over months, accumulated rain. They exist in shallow, stagnate pools that have very low oxygen content. Blue green algae a deadly danger for dogs pet health network. The more frequently the water is 22 jul 2011 … Read More