free virtual pet

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Free Virtual Pets Adopt From Animal Websites Realistic Online Cat Dog

free virtual pet

Free Virtual Pets Adopt From Animal Websites Realistic Online Cat Dog

Many people are adopting online virtual pets these days. Gone are the days when you could only wish you had the pet of your choice! A free virtual pet can be all yours in a few mouse clicks! If you adopt a virtual pet, you can have fun with it without having to take responsibilities associated with a real pet.

Today, if you have a computer and broadband Internet access, you can easily adopt a virtual pet like the iguana, hamster, goldfish, or even beagle.

A pet that you can choose and modify online according to preferences is termed an online virtual pet. These pets are animals existing only in chips and pixels. Some virtual pets are found online on websites, while others are unique … Read More

Blade & Soul NA: Pet Guide

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Here is an overview of the new pets and how the pet system works.

Blue Pets
– Summon time 20 hours
– Lvl 50 to equip
– Not tradeable or upgradeable

Purple Pets
– Summon time 40 hours
– Lvl 50 to equip
– Tradeable and can be upgraded
– Binds on equip

Purple pets can be upgraded to a maximum of Stage 10. Stage 6 and onward provides defense stats.

Sogun’s Lament 6/4 man drops the Ghost and Griffin Pet.
Cold Storage drops the Pink Penguin.

Sundered Nexus 6/4 man drops the Blue Penguin

Heaven’s Mandate drops the Black Penguin.

Griffon and Lycan dungeon drop is currently unknown.

Stage and stats here:

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East Coast Bays Vets – Dedicated To Your Pets Health & Happiness

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East Coast Bays are a team of general & specialist veterinary experts. We provide a range of services such as consultations, vaccinations, microchipping, export checks, dentistry and minor surgeries as well as an array of specialist services. We have a high quality laboratory that can provide immediate blood testing results. We have ultrasound and digital radiography facilities available for in depth monitoring and health checks for your pets.

Our team are super caring and are dedicated to ensuring your pets health & happiness. We have 10 trained nurses so owners can be assured their pet is being personally monitored and cared for at all times while in our care. We have six veterinarians on our team who through collaboration and shared learning can provide the latest care for your pets.

For more information or to make an appointment, visit our website or call … Read More