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Hey, you get a puppy. Now all puppies have to eat, but what? Of course, you want to give the puppy the best food you can pay, but not everyone agrees what exactly is the best feed. What we can do is give pros and cons so that you can decide who will make you feel comfortable.

You want to feed your dog as healthy as doable, however, what’s the simplest pet food? Below are all types of dog food, so as of health to less health. The various sorts of food may be combined.

Do not you latch on yourself? Then you’ll additionally request on-line feed recommendation for the dog.

Dog food for pitbulls

Raw meat nutrition: compose self and Kiev

Freeze-dried food

Air-dried food

Night food

Dry food: chunks, and dinner

  1. Meat nutrition

The healthiest diet for many dogs is meat nutrition, which inserts best with the dog’s … Read More

The Danger of Pet Obesity for Dogs and Cats: are fat pets unhealthy?

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Are you concerned about your pet being overweight or obese? Are fat pets unhealthy and just what is the danger of pet obesity? Are you wondering how to go about introducing a diet or optimizing a weight loss program for your cat or dog?

In this video I discuss why we should be concerned about the rising problem of pet obesity, discuss the increase risk of disease in our overweight pets as well as how to tell if your pet is overweight.

The dangers of pet obesity should not be underestimated. An overweight dog or obese cat has an increased arthritis risk, an increased diabetes risk and can suffer many more problems. They have a reduced quality of life and die younger.

Lets get started on the road to a healthier weight and allow your pet to be the best version of themselves they can be!

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