вєиנι’ѕ ѕρяιиg-ѕυммєя єνєиιиg яσυтιиє ♥

02/11/2017 0

This is Benji’s evening routine 🙂

Some Disclaimers:

1. Benji does have outdoor time during the day, he had been outside but it started raining so he was put in early.

2. I didn’t refill his hay because it had been refilled a few hours earlier because he had run out due to him having come in earlier!

3. His hutch is temporary, we have ordered a larger hutch with 2 levels and a built in run so he will have more space. I am aware that this hutch is a little small for him but he is happy and has run time (point 1)


What breed is Benji?

We think he is a french lop due to his size and characteristics but we are unsure as he is a rescue/adopted rabbit.

How old is Benji?

We think he is about 7-8 months but once again we are unsure … Read More