Looking For The Safest, Healthiest Pet Food? Good Luck With That.

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blue petsWe hope to boost cash for Blue Cross For Pets, a charity discover happy houses for deserted or unwanted pets and preserve pets wholesome. Blue Buffalo litter merchandise are a hundred% yearly renewable, 100% biodegradable, and use walnuts homegrown in the USA.

Most crafted pets are uncommon quality after you learn them whatever the high quality of the merchandise you be taught them from.

Now, with two weeks to go till the very-hyped opening of Finding Dory — the Disney/Pixar sequel to Nemo — concern mounts for what might occur with the Pacific blue tang.

You cannot blame the food for all the things mistaken with your pets – they simply may not be capable of tolerate a sure ingredient.

What was recalled: 2 oz. pouches of Blue Kitty Yums Tasty Chicken Recipe cat treats with Best by” dates of either April 24 or July 24, 2016.… Read More

The important 5th vital assessment of your pets health.

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Episode 09 of the MyPetCare Video Show now live at More and more veterinary practices around the world recognise the importance of establishing medical and surgical protocols and clinical audit to ensure that the diagnostic and other procedures, clinical management and medication they recommend for their patients, your pets, reflects best practice and is based on up-to-date, evidence based clinical records. As a pet owner you know that your veterinarian will regularly check your pets temperature, pulse and respiration rate and conduct a thorough clinical examination to identify any evidence of pain or discomfort. As a profession we are becoming more and more aware of the impact of poor nutrition on pets and the American Animal Hospital Association now recommends that an assessment of nutritional status is an important 5th vital assessment of your pets health. Episode 09 of the includes a clip which explains why

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