My NEW Pet Rabbits – Belle & Luna ♥

12/06/2017 0

UPDATE JUNE 2017: Unfortunately Luna (the grey rabbit, died last year) and I only lost Belle a couple months ago.

This is Belle and Luna, they’re 2 years old and they’re RSPCA rabbits, I’ve had them for 6 days now.. i adopted them on the 6th August 2013, 7:30pm. They’ve got a lovely home now.

Before i had them they were left alone in a hut for days by their owner, soon they got sent to Pets At Home, nearby where i live and when i went up to them they came to me, and i thought they were really cute, so i picked them. They WERE called mash and spud but i thought i’d give them proper girls names, so i named them Luna and Belle.

Luna is a bit older than Belle, Belle’s the more shy one and hides a lot, if Luna senses Belle’s in trouble she’ll … Read More