Striking of those teeth hurts? Train your puppy not to bite

07/06/2017 Virginia 0

Puppies, irrespective of their breed are just superb cute and hard to resist. Being a pet owner, we have a habit of pampering the pets from the very beginning. Don’t go by their cute looks or innocent eyes your puppy can strike his teeth anytime on your finger. The question arises how to stop a puppy from biting, not an easy task but this biting habit can be controlled.

It Can be little tweaks to understand but following few steps and slowly tame down the biting habit.

You find him to be irresistible when he is rolling on the ground and use your hand to play with him, that’s when he bites. Instead of using your hand to play with him, take the help of a toy to play with your puppy.

Your dog will learn what you teach him. From the very initial stage show your puppy that biting … Read More