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Welcome to PetsBay Australia. It is a collection of online shops, the only dedicated online animal and pet portal for everything pets. This is the only website where you can buy and sell all pets, like dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles, adopt them from responsible breeders and contact local veterinarians. PetsBay also bring you a collection of online stores for pet supplies, pet insurance, pet friendly accommodation and pet services providers’ directory.
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PetsBay is a dedicated portal for everything pets. It doesn’t matter if you are dog groomer, dog trainer, professional breeder, a small pet food manufacturer or a boutique designer clothing for pets, we want you!
To start buying or selling on PetsBay, simply register for free, open a store and start selling your pet care products or pet services today. This is the place to sell your pet accessories, dog food or cat toys and promote your local pet club or animal welfare organization, so you can raise donations. You can also advertise your local veterinarian services, and write articles about pet nutrition, training, and behaviour. When you think about it, it’s like eBay for pets. This is PetsBay!



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